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Daniel Dugo, Ultimate Human Potential, personal  life coach

Daniel Dugo


Daniel is an Advanced Success Coach, inspirational keynote speaker, business and personal consultant and sales trainer for over fifteen years. He has worked for and with some of most notable and effective names in the empowerment and success industries.


Daniel assists others to discover their Ultimate Human Potential and how to effectively destroy blocks and limitations to their success. He learned how to overcome severe adversity and transform his life as a model others can emulate. As a survivor of physical and sexual abuse, abandonment, brain trauma, PTSD, a learning disability, depression and more, he has worked throughout his adult life to discover and develop the tools and techniques to overcome his past and create success.


To understand himself, other people and society better, Daniel has completed over a dozen certification courses in various methodologies and disciplines of psychology, sports nutrition, eastern healing arts and more. He is an ordained Universal Minister, has studied psychology, philosophy, physiology, personality typing, nutrition, sales, leadership, cultural evolution, biochemistry, epigenetics, neuroscience, astrology, esoteric sciences, ancient civilizations, quantum physics, geometry and much more.  His education and knowledge base expands every year affording his clients the benefits from some of the most current and expansive knowledge and skills available.


He coaches everyone from the indigent to multi-millionaires, company presidents, royal family members and many others in-between. To date, Daniel has empowered and inspired thousands of people.


With the inspiration of his business partner, Adam Buttons, Daniel developed the unique self-help belt system called the Empowerment Belt System (tm). The system is designed to share information, tools and strategies alongside the development of empowerment, insight, wisdom and goals in a tiered system that progresses from white belt to black belt, similar to martial arts systems, yet for the mind.