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Disclaimer - Any information, strategies, concepts, philosophies, exercises, coaching, teachings or other information contained on this website or presented during training or coaching is hereinafter referred to as “info.” Any info discussed, taught or shared with you is for educational purposes only and is not medical advice. Info is not meant to treat, prevent, cure or diagnose any medical condition or disease. Please consult and obtain the approval of a licensed medical doctor prior to using or applying any info for medical purposes. If you choose to use or apply any info for medical purposes without first consulting a licensed medical doctor, you are self-prescribing and take full responsibility for the outcome or results.


Refund Policy - All money paid for our products or services can be transferred to any of our other products or services or to any other person free of charge. Other than transfer toward other products or services, no refunds will be made.


No Guarantee - Our info has been successful and used worldwide for positive results for many people. We do our best to help everyone achieve the best possible outcome with our info. There are no guaranteed results expressed or implied. Individual results vary person to person for many reasons.


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Coaching - All coaching is done by phone unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. It is the responsibility of the recipient of the coaching to contact the coach for the call. Missed calls may or may not be granted a replacement call at the sole discretion of the coach. Additional expenses may apply if in-person coaching is agreed upon.