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Biography – Dan Dugo


Daniel Dugo is an empowerment, inspirational, transformation coach as well as keynote speaker. He has helped tens of thousands of people and companies ranging from Billionaires to Homeless People, achieve a higher level of valuable knowledge, happiness, health, wealth, sales and overall success. Daniel’s greatest passion is to help people unleash their ultimate human potential. He helps people attain that, by sharing with them the secrets of the latest and most historical cutting edge strategies, information and resources in the field of psychology, wellness, biochemistry, business, neurosciences and esoteric sciences.
“My greatest passion is to make a huge difference in people and society, leaving them much better than he found them”. I see the next level of success for them that they don’t see yet, I help them see it and get there”
He has personally worked with Anthony Robbins and Tom Hopkins. He has been a serious student of Anthony Robbins, Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor and many more business, thought and success leaders, historical and modern philosopher’s.
Discover how Dan can greatly help you and/or your business now! 🙂

Biography – Adam Daniel Buttons

Adam Daniel Buttons is a Motivational Speaker, Consultant and Life Coach.

He believes in transformation and helping people awaken to their true human potential. He teaches Psychology based sciences as well as self empowerment and improvement. He has a Master’s in public administration, a Bachelor’s in criminal justice, and a Doctor’s of spiritual development and motivation.  “I am the Ultimate Human Potential”. “I am a builder of dreams”. “I help people transform their lives through the law of attraction and other spiritual mystery schools”. “I help introduce people to specific professionals they are looking for on many different levels”. He does motivational speaking and is involved in many charities. he believes in in paying it forward.

“I am very eclectic but its my life experiences that have shaped me to the man I am today. I know I can make a difference in the lives of many”.