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Daniel Dugo is an inspirational keynote Speaker, business/personal consultant, sales trainer and transformation mentor for close to 20 years. He has worked with some of most notable and effective names in the empowerment and success industry. With use of the most modern breakthroughs in science, Dan assists others to discover their Ultimate Human Potential and how to effectively destroy blocks and limitations to his clients’ success. He learned how to overcome severe adversity and transform his life as a model others can emulate. He coaches everyone from indigent to billionaires, company presidents, royal family members and many others in-between. To date, Dan has taught empowered and inspired thousands of people.

To understand himself, other people and society better, Dan has completed certification courses in various methodologies and disciplines, such as psychology, sports nutrition, energy healing arts and more. He is also an ordained minister. Dan logged thousands of hours studying psychology, philosophy, physiology, personality typing, nutrition, sales, Leadership, cultural evolution, biochemistry, epigenetics, neurosciences, astrology, criminology, esoteric systems, ancient civilizations, quantum physics, geometry and the like.

His favorite teachers with whom he personally worked for include Anthony Robbins and Tom Hopkins. In addition, Dan met and studied the teachings of Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Les Brown and Jack Canfield and more.

Dan’s skill set is diverse: carpentry, plumbing and electrical work; direct marketing, professional fundraising and network marketing; security consultant; politics; real estate investment; business management and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Since his youth, Dan’s aspirations included assisting and protecting his community. He entered a volunteer police officer program, and utilized personal time to serve and protect his community. He volunteered his time for various charitable causes. He also offered life coaching consultations to persons he encountered during his community service.

Notably, Dan is credited as the primary person responsible for stopping an interstate charity scam that defrauded Americans at the approximate rate of $250,000.00 weekly. Additionally, Dan was also a key participant in a mission that caused the exposure and/or arrest of thousands of criminals globally.

Dan’s Christian spiritual background embraces many spiritual and religious paths which he believes all lead to the same source.

With the inspiration of his business partner, Adam Buttons, Dan developed the first-ever self-help belt system called the Empowerment Belt System ™. Dan’s system is designed to share information, tools and strategies alongside development of empowerment, insight, wisdom and goals in a tiered system that progresses from white belt to black belt.

Dan feels that his primary purpose in life is to help people be happy and make the world a better place.

There is no greater feeling of happiness or fulfillment, other than helping people or society! -Daniel Dugo

Biography – Adam Daniel Buttons, MPA, DD

Adam Daniel Buttons, MPA, DD is a Motivational Speaker, Consultant and Life Coach. He helps people in finding their Ultimate Potential, build dreams, and transform lives through the law of attraction. Adam helped create a company that believes in transformation and helping people awaken to their true Human Potential. Ultimate Human Potential offers One on one coaching and training for Small businesses, Corporations and individuals. We teach Psychology based sciences as well as self empowerment and improvement.

Adam is continuing with the tradition He learned from his father Red Buttons of Paying it Forward and being A Co Creator in Divine Source. Adam is the Co Founder of the company Ultimate Human Potential, that believes in transformation and helping people awaken to their true Human Potential. They offer one-on-one coaching and training for small businesses, corporations, and individuals where they teach Psychology based sciences as well as self empowerment and improvement.

Adam is an actor, Martial artist, Ordained Minister at Universal Life Church, and Public Notary in State of Colorado.
Among others, Adam was a security consultant for over Twenty Years. He was an Executive Field Trainer for network marketing at ACN Independent Business Owner, Independent Associate for legal services at Legal Shield, Owner & CEO of Entertainment Production Consulting Company Called Plausible Denial Productions Inc., Marketer and Brand Ambassador for Kannaway, selling CBD Hemp Oil products, and was an Ordained Clergy Member at Church of Spiritual Humanism for six years.

Adam started his working experience mostly in Security and Law enforcement and processing. He processed and served all legal notices of process in the Law office of Norman Fierstein when he began his career as a Process Server which later transitioned into Private Security.

He started as a Patrol Officer in Bel Air Patrol and continued as a Security Guard and Security Officer at a number of security companies in California.

Adam was also Manager and part owner of Security Company Code 3 Protection where they provided Off duty Police Officers with Security and certifications in Pepper & Tear Gas Spray. He earned multiple certifications for training and use of Firearms.

Adam tried himself as Independent Sales Associate, selling nutritional products for Life Extension International for two years. Which taught him about Human behavior and health.

He continued his work as Security Consultant For Tony Alverti at Five- O Security & Investigations and did multiple Security maintenance and Safety Officer roles at multiple other companies.

In 2007, Adam started his work at MBDA, an Entertainment Production Project fundraising for TV and Motion Pictures in Los Angeles.
He became Independent Consultant for military, law enforcement, security, and civilian law at OTB Boots.

It was in 2007 when he joined the Church of Spiritual Humanism, based on reason. There he performed marriages, baby naming’s, weddings, Funerals, Invocations and holiday religious ceremonies. He was also Spiritual Counselor. An experience that guided him into learning about Spiritualism in many different disciplines.

For more than 11 years, Adam was Public Notary for the State of California and is continuing the same today in the State of Colorado.
Adam earned his B.Sc. in Criminal Justice in 2000 and admitted into the Alpha Phi Criminal Justice Honor Society and also received his Master’s in Public Administration in 2002 at National University. Adam was the recipient of The National University Leadership Scholarship Award. In 2017 Adam was commissioned as a Kentucky Colonel from the Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky for his lifetime of achievements in Charity and various other causes. Being a second Generation in his family next to his father to receive this Amazing distinction and Highest honor that can be bestowed upon you by the Governor.

He has been learning continuously, and has earned multiple certifications and titles. Among others, Law enforcement Administration of Justice, Certification in Private Security, BSIS Approved Security Officer Training, JD Security Protection Certificate for Bail Recovery Enforcement Training, Occupational Certificate for Private Investigators Training Course at West Coast Detective Academy, POST Basic Police Academy Certificate in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement, Doctor in Divinity & Metaphysics in Divinity and Ministry at Universal life Church Monastery, Doctor of Motivation in Theological Studies and Doctor of Spiritual Development in Theological Studies at Universal Life Church, and High Priest Ordination in Metaphysical Esoteric Studies.

He is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints where he has had positions on teaching the gospel in his ward and where he is a Ward Missionary. Every Member of the church primary duty is to be a Missionary and Spread the Gospel. Along with his work and education, he has volunteered From the Sheriffs Department, fire department, security, local watch patrol, amateur radio disaster Communication Service as a Communications Specialist, US Coast Guard Auxiliary, Member of Texas Rangers Association, Master Mason, and many others. “This is what we do we don’t do anything else. We are in the Empowerment Business. You are The Ultimate Human Potential.”

For more on Adam’s achievements, education and work experience, view his LinkedIn account. Visit our company Ultimate Human Potential. Follow Adam’s Twitter feed.