Ultimate Human Potential - bring out your best

Bring out your best!


Move up and forward in your life with ease, fun and passion! Discover what our Empowerment Belt System (tm) can give you!


Discover your Ultimate Human Potential and how to effectively destroy blocks and limitations to success.   Get the information, tools and strategies to develop empowerment, insight, wisdom and goals in a tiered system that progresses from white belt to black belt.  The sooner you begin, the sooner you can bring out your best.

Ultimate Human  Potential - life coaching

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Ultimate Human Potential - Dan Dugo and Adam Buttons, life coaches

Adam Buttons


Adam Daniel Buttons, MPA, DD is a Motivational Speaker, Consultant and Advanced Success Coach. He helps find their Ultimate Potential, build dreams, and transform lives through the law of attraction.

Daniel Dugo


Daniel Dugo is an Advanced Success Coach, inspirational keynote Speaker, business/personal consultant and sales trainer for over 15 years. He has worked for and with some of most notable and effective names in the empowerment and success industries.
Ultimate Human Potential - bring out your best

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